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Weight Loss Surgery
It isn't easy to lose weight, but we have the expertise to help you change your life and reach your health goals.
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Start your journey by attending a webinar with our surgeons.

Is Weight Loss Surgery Right for Me?

If you're interested in finding out whether weight loss surgery — also called bariatric surgery — is an option for you, the first step is to sign up for one of our free webinars. At these events, you learn about the weight loss surgery process and types of bariatric surgery we offer.

Remember, it's not about what you have to lose, but what you have to gain. Don't wait. Start your journey today.

What does the journey look like?

You don't have to feel alone in your weight loss journey — we're always here to help you through it.

Weight Loss Surgery Program Journey

Get started on your journey by attending a free online seminar.

Before and After Weight-Loss Surgery

Our support services include:

  • Bariatric Optimization Program (BOP): Luminis Health Physical Therapy specially designed this exercise program to help you prepare for and recover from weight loss surgery.
  • Nutrition counseling: As your body changes, a dietitian helps you create and update a personalized nutrition plan.
  • Support groups: We offer support groups that provide an environment for patients to share their experiences. There's no cost to attend.
  • Body contouring: Following your weight loss surgery, you may find you've got excess skin left behind. Through body contouring, you can remove sagging skin and improve the shape of the supporting area. We partner with Luminis Health Plastic Surgery to offer this service.

Frequently Asked Questions


According to the National Institutes of Health, Body Mass Index, or BMI, is used by healthcare providers to screen for overweight and obesity in adults. BMI is a calculation your weight in relation to your height. Being overweight can lead to serious health issues; obesity is linked to an elevated risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. 

You may be eligible if:

  • Have a BMI over 35 with a comorbidity such as sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure and others
  • Have a BMI 40 or higher without a pre-existing health condition

Start your journey today by signing up for a free weight loss seminar with one of our compassionate, experienced health providers. Know you're ready to take the next step? Register with our patient portal.

Check with your insurance company to verify your benefits. In the event you do not have Bariatric Benefits our team will work with you on self-payment costs. 

Our weight loss surgery program is accredited by The American College of Surgeons’ Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery Accreditation & Quality Improvement Program. We are also recognized as a Center of Excellence by various insurance companies, please contact yours to learn more.

Every insurance provider is different, but we will help you collect documentation of:

  • Nutrition/Diet Classes, number of classes is determined by insurance company but our program requires at least 3 classes
  • Cardiac Clearance
  • Mental health clearance
  • Imaging such as Abdominal Ultrasound, Upper Endoscopy (EGD), etc. 
  • Lab work
  • Letter of medical necessity

Weight loss surgery is major surgery AND a lifestyle change. Throughout our program we will educate you on diet and exercise to assist you in succeeding long after your surgical journey is complete. 

We offer two support groups that can provide support and encouragement to keep you on track:

  • Prepare for your journey with a support group for pre-surgery through 6 months post-surgery.
  • Maintain your lifestyle with the support of a group for patients 6 months post-surgery and beyond.

Your restrictions including returning to work and exercise will be discussed with you at your one-week post-op appointment. If you have any further questions reach out to our team via MyChart. 

If after surgery you are concerned about your excess skin we can connect you with our Cosmetic Surgery team, during a consult with them they will discuss your surgical options for excess skin removal. 

About our Multi-Disciplinary Team

Assists with any medical questions or concerns both before and after surgery.

Reviews patient binder and required pre op testing needed for surgery, submits prior authorization to insurance company and answers any questions/concerns regarding insurance.

Assists with the day to day operations and functions of the program, ensures quality compliance and standards.

Educates patients pre- and post-operatively on nutrition and diet, offers support groups for patients during and after surgery.

Luminis Health has multiple mental health resources to support you on your journey.