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Radiology, also called imaging, is the science of seeing inside your body. You've probably heard of some radiology tests, like MRI, x-ray or ultrasound. Some of these use radiation, while others don't. Some need you to take special diets, fast or follow other instructions. Other tests are quick and easy.

Why are there so many kinds of imaging tests? Each one helps us see something different. Bones, organs and blood vessels each show up well on some tests, but not others. Here are some reasons you might need an imaging test:

  • To determine the cause for symptoms you're experiencing. (Here's the good news: Once your doctor finds the cause, you can start treatment.)
  • To see if you have a broken bone.
  • To find cancer before it causes symptoms. This is why we do breast imaging, mammography and lung cancer screening, for example. We can catch cancers early when they're easier to treat.
  • To see if your cancer is shrinking or growing.