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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a way to map out structures inside the body without using radiation. It helps your doctor see many things, like your:

  • Blood vessels.
  • Ligaments.
  • Muscles.
  • Nerves.
  • Organs.
  • Skeletal system.

Luminis Health Imaging uses the latest MRI technology to maximize your comfort as we create crisp, clear images.

How Do MRIs Work?

You may have heard that water makes up about 60% of our bodies. What you may not know is the hydrogen atoms in water respond to electromagnetic energy around us. MRIs rely on this cool fact.

MRIs use a magnetic field to align hydrogen atoms in the body. Then, the machine pulses out electromagnetic radio waves. This causes the atoms to spin.

When the technologist turns off the radio frequency waves, the atoms realign. As structures in the body have different amounts of water, they release different amounts of energy during this process. The MRI sensor captures the energy waves to create images.

MRI images not only show the various tissues of the body, but they can also highlight inflamed or cancerous areas. These have different water content than surrounding tissues.

Why Choose Luminis Health for Your MRI?

We know that MRI results are key to getting the right diagnosis and treatment. So we offer short wait times and convenient hours. This means evening and weekend appointments, on top of our daytime slots. And we send results to doctors quickly, usually within a day.

We also offer 3T MRI machines at some locations. These machines produce a more precise image. They also work faster, so you don't have to lie still on the table for as long.

And you'll be glad to know we're accredited by the American College of Radiology. This means we meet the top standards for safety and quality in the country.

What to Expect at Your MRI

Before your MRI, we'll go through a checklist to make sure it's the best test for you. While MRIs are one of the safest imaging options, they're not ideal for some people. For example, some metal implants, like pacemakers, could respond to a magnetic field.

With most MRIs, you can go about your day as usual before the test. But if you're getting an MRI of the abdomen, you may have guidelines for eating or drinking before the test. We'll go over any instructions with you.


In some cases, MRI tests use contrast dye. This is a compound with magnetic properties. It causes the blood vessels and other tissues to stand out more as the compound passes through them. We'll inject the dye right before the MRI.

For the scan, you'll change into a hospital gown in a private area. Then, you'll lie on a table that moves into a doughnut-shaped MRI scanner. The technologist is with you to answer any questions and provide instructions.


MRI machines make clicking and whirring noises, but we'll provide ear plugs to reduce sound. The test can take as little as 15 minutes or as long as an hour, depending on what part of the body your provider needs to see.


You'll have to lie still so we can get the best image possible. But you'll have breaks between scans because we know that lying still can wear on you.


If you have any concerns, don't stress. We'll answer your questions beforehand. If you're still anxious, our staff talks with your doctor about options to help with your anxiety.

After the test, you're free to enjoy the day. If you have an MRI with contrast, we'll give you instructions about drinking extra water to flush it out of your system.


And that's it. Your doctor discusses your scan with you at your next appointment. Whether the results are "Nothing out of the ordinary here" or "We've got a diagnosis," knowledge is power. You'll be glad you took this important step in your health journey.

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