Nuestros servicios médicos comunitarios

Nuestros servicios médicos comunitarios

Desde clínicas móviles hasta exploraciones gratuitas de cáncer, Luminis Health acerca la atención de salud a nuestras comunidades.
Community Gardening

A Tailored Approach to Community Health

Our community health providers and educators come from the areas we serve. We respect and embrace diversity and tailor our health advice to fit your everyday challenges.

Our approach is not one-size-fits-all. We start by connecting with our local health partners to deeply understand the needs and strengths of our communities.

We talk to our frontline providers, patients and community leaders. Then, we design our services to meet the specific gaps and challenges they identify.

We bring education and easy-to-access services to neighborhoods, residences, schools and community groups. By doing this we help people avoid serious health problems.

We inspire people to live healthier lives and connect people to supportive caregivers. Community — it brings us all together.