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Vascular Care

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Luminis Health vascular care specialists offer advanced treatments to keep your blood vessels healthy.

Did you know an adult heart pumps blood through an impressive 60,000-mile highway of blood vessels throughout your body?

Vascular care specialists at Luminis Health use the latest technology to keep your blood vessels in top shape so your blood — and you — can keep moving.

We Go the Extra Mile to Care for Your Blood Vessels

Every single part of your body relies on healthy blood vessels. Arteries, veins and capillaries deliver blood, oxygen and nutrients to your organs and carry waste away.

Vascular diseases affect your blood vessels and block blood flow. They can cause pain and impact your quality of life. And if not diagnosed and treated, they might lead to a stroke or heart attack.

Vascular care specialists at Luminis Health are pioneers in the field. Which is why patients from across the country come to us for vascular care. We use specialized procedures and advanced treatments to keep every mile of your blood vessels healthy.

We're known for:

  • Nationally recognized care. The American College of Cardiology recognizes Luminis Health for its commitment to hospital care for heart patients. We're proud to appear in the 2022 U.S. News & World Report list of “Best Hospitals."
  • Advanced expertise. Vascular specialists use the latest technology to detect often hidden vascular conditions. And our advanced, minimally invasive surgical techniques offer treatments with less pain and faster recovery times.
  • Multidisciplinary care teams. Your dedicated team of health care professionals includes cardiologists, physical therapists, nutritionists and other providers. We partner and support you every step of the way.
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Procedures performed each year by our vascular surgeons.
Annual surgeries to treat carotid artery disease.

Vascular Care Treatments and Services

No matter your condition, our expert vascular surgeons develop the best treatment plan for your needs. Whenever possible, we use minimally invasive surgery for less pain and scarring and a faster recovery.

Common treatments and services include:

  • Endovascular therapy. Surgeons treat blood vessels to improve blood flow to the head, neck, legs, kidneys and other organs—without open surgery.
  • Angioplasty and stenting. We use this minimally invasive procedure to open clogged arteries and keep them open.
  • Bypass surgery. When other procedures to open blocked arteries don't work, you may need arterial bypass surgery. It's an effective treatment that creates a new path for blood flow to the heart. And it can last for years.
  • Endarterectomy. We use this procedure to remove plaque deposits in your arteries and improve blood flow through arteries in your neck or legs.
  • Transcarotic artery vascularization (TCAR). We use this procedure to briefly reverse the flow of blood to your brain while we open a blockage in your carotid artery. It helps to reduce the risk of stroke.
  • Physical therapy. This helps improve blood flow, reduces pain and helps maintain mobility that you might lose with many vascular diseases.
  • Wound care services. Poor circulation may cause poor wound healing. But we have dedicated health care professionals and treatments that vastly improve healing rates.

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Helpful Resources for Vascular Care

Your vascular health is our priority — not just treatments but also prevention. Luminis Health offers a range of prevention programs to help keep your blood vessels healthy, including:

  • Smoking cessation programs.
  • Nutrition classes to help reduce cholesterol, manage blood sugar or lose weight.
  • Exercise classes to keep you moving.

If you've had care for a stroke, you'll find strength and inspiration in our Power of 2 Peer Mentorship Program.