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Sports Physical Therapy

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Our physical therapists have sports-specific expertise to help you recover from an injury or surgery. We help you return to throwing and sports such as dancing, golf and running after an injury or surgery.

What Is Sports Physical Therapy?

When you're an athlete, you're not content to just recover after an injury or operation. You're eager to return to your sport as soon as possible, whether it's baseball, tennis, basketball or something else. Plus, you want to eventually perform at as high a level as you did before, if not higher.

Like you, our sports physical therapists are focused. Often, we're athletes ourselves, so we know exactly why your sport is so important to you. But that's not all. We're specialists — some are even sub-specialists. We focus on treating people who are returning to sports in general or to a specific sport. That means we've developed a deep expertise on how to help you safely resume play and prevent re-injury. We've learned how to identify and address the underlying factors that led to you hurting yourself in the first place. Not only that, but we're also experts at helping you reach your personal peak performance level.

We treat all kinds of sports-related issues, from simple sprains to rehab after joint reconstruction surgery.

Why Rely on Luminis Health to Get Your Game Back?

At Luminis Health Physical Therapy, sports physical therapy is our specialty — we see more patients in this category than any other. That means we're uniquely qualified to help you get back to the top of your game. Other reasons we're a front-runner in sports physical therapy include:

  • We use the latest technological tools. Even the most experienced sports physical therapist can't see certain things in real time. Take your golf swing, for instance, or your running stride. Because your movements happen so rapidly, one after the other, the human eye can't always detect important details. That's why we film you in motion, then review the video at a slow speed. This approach is valuable for spotting issues we can resolve with certain exercises. What's more, we use a sophisticated professional platform to analyze your swing, gait or running form. And we can electronically share the video analysis with your coach or trainer.

  • We have a dedicated Sports Performance Zone. Want to take your skills to the next level? This unique program combines traditional physical therapy with sports performance. Our team creates a personalized rehab program for you, then monitors your progress. We conduct tests and evaluations to determine when it's safe for you to get back on the field or the court. And our facility features everything from Olympic-standard lifting equipment to a turf track for strength, agility, mobility and speed training.

  • We offer a special sports group. Are you a high-level weekend warrior? College athlete? Or do you have a physically demanding job, like construction? You're comfortable being part of a team and thrive on friendly competition. Join our return-to-sport group and you'll get all that and more as you build up your endurance. Classes are two hours and meet twice a week. You'll also get a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

Diagnosis & Treatments

Whether you have chronic pain or are recovering from an injury, we can help. A physical therapist who's specially trained in dance rehabilitation evaluates you and creates a program that's customized to address your specific needs. The treatment plan helps reduce pain, prevent lasting damage, aid in recovery and improve your performance.

At your first visit, you'll meet with a physical therapist who has additional training in golf swing analysis. You'll answer questions about your health, the pattern of any pain you're having, and your golf and exercise habits.


We'll also film your golf swing. Using video analysis, we can look at technical things like your distance from the ball. Then we'll drill down a bit, looking at your body position and movements during each phase of your golf swing.


We then do a physical exam to uncover any issues that may cause improper movements or positioning. For example, you might have poor coordination or limited mobility. We create a personalized home exercise program to improve these issues.

We'll get you back to your sport quickly and safely, while reducing the risk of re-injury and complications from surgery. A physical therapist who's trained in sports rehabilitation tests your strength, range of motion and other abilities. We use these findings to develop a rehab program customized to your specific needs. Usually, you'll work alongside a small group of athletes who've had a similar injury or operation. As you progress, we'll retest you to determine whether you're ready to advance to the next step.

We can help you recover from an injury or prevent one from happening in the future. Our expert team uses video analysis to break down your throwing mechanics. This helps us detect problems, like muscle imbalances, that could be throwing off your technique. We then create a customized rehabilitation program to increase your throwing efficiency while decreasing strain on your body.

This program helps you optimize your running performance or get back on track after an injury. It doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned marathoner or starting a couch-to-5K program. We're specially trained to evaluate running-related physical abilities and assess your running form.


At your initial appointment, we ask for details about your training schedule, mileage and previous injuries. You'll undergo tests to measure your flexibility as well as the strength in your legs and core. And we'll record video of you running. This allows us to analyze your gait using sophisticated software that looks at factors like stride length. We'll also check your shoes for wear and fit and may recommend a specific type of running shoe.

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