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Nutrition Services

Call (443) 481-5555

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a nutrition plan tailored to your individual needs and goals? Our registered dietitians will give you just that through a one-on-one counseling session. With ongoing sessions, they’ll help you follow through with your plan.

Whether or not you’re a patient, you can choose to meet with our dietitians for nutrition counseling. Although we don’t accept insurance, most flexible spending plans cover our services.

For more specific nutrition needs, we also offer services through our Weight Loss and Metabolic Surgery Center, DeCesaris Cancer Institute and Diabetes Center.

Specialized Nutrition Services

Meet with our bariatric team to learn about diet and nutrition, health and fitness, and lifestyle modifications before and after your surgery. We also offer weight loss surgery webinars. Call us to learn more, 443-481-6699.

If you’re going through cancer treatment, dietitians and nutritionists will give you information and practical strategies to help combat emotional and physical stresses that come with cancer. 

We offer one-hour instructional sessions on insulin administration, home blood glucose monitoring, medical nutritional therapy and diabetes management skills. Call to schedule diabetes care counseling or learn more about our instructional sessions and support groups.

Why See a Luminis Health Registered Dietician?

Nutrition counseling can help prevent and control various health risks for diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer. It can also help you deal with and overcome eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. Or if you’re simply looking to increase your nutrition and achieve optimal health, our dietitians can give you the tools you need to make those lifestyle changes.

Nutrition counseling is available for a variety of health needs.

Registered dietitians are nutrition experts who have a bachelor’s degree in dietetics and have completed an internship approved by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Having a professional degree in any other area doesn’t qualify someone as an expert in nutrition.

The U.S. National Library for Medicine’s MedlinePlus Guide to Healthy Web Surfing offers suggestions for evaluating the quality of online health information.

The cost for nutrition services is $75 for an initial one-hour consultation. Follow-up visits are 30 minutes and cost $45.

Nutrition services for cancer patients is free of charge through the Luminis Health DeCesaris Cancer Institute.

Please call 443-481-5800 to speak to our oncology nutritionist for more information.

Some insurance companies cover nutrition counseling, but our Wellness department does not accept insurance. Some clients choose to file directly with their insurance company. Otherwise, you can likely use a flexible spending account through your employer.

Our Location

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