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Hernia Surgery

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Our hernia experts have experience treating hernias in young athletes, wise grandparents and everyone in between.

Muscle and connective tissue keep organs and fatty tissue in place. But sometimes, tissue or part of the bowel or another organ can push through a hole in the muscle or connective tissue. This bulge is called a hernia.

For most hernias, doctors recommend surgery. That might sound like a big step, especially if you don't have much pain.

But hernias can cause problems if they're not treated. They can get bigger, and weaken the muscles and connective tissue. Blood supply could get cut off to a hernia, putting your health at serious risk. Some hernias can also cause a painful blockage in the bowel.

Fortunately, Luminis Health is home to experts in all types of hernia repair. People travel from all over the state, and even from nearby states, to access our renowned hernia repair surgeons. 

Types of hernias and abdominal wall issues we treat at Luminis Health

Our hernia experts have experience treating hernias in young athletes, wise grandparents and everyone in between.

Many people with hernias notice a bulge in their abdomen or groin that may come and go. Hernias can be painful, and some types of hernias can cause heartburn or indigestion.

Some hernias are complex due to size, location, chronic pain or reoccurrence. We are able to treat those complex and rare hernias, as well as more common hernias listed below. 

When the bowel or fatty tissue pushes past connective tissue in the upper groin.

When the top of the stomach pushes through an opening in the diaphragm.

When fatty tissue or part of the bowel bulges through an opening in the muscles near the belly button.

When tissue pushes through the muscle and bulges out at the upper thigh or lower groin.

When the muscles, ligaments or tendons in the groin tear or weaken due to intense athletic activity. (Despite the name, this isn't actually a hernia, because tissue doesn't bulge through it. However, some still need repair to improve function or address pain.)

When an abdominal surgical wound doesn't fully heal, tissue could bulge through it, leading to a hernia. 

Our experts have experience in complex cases, such as:

  • Recurrent hernia – hernia that has been previously surgically addressed but returned.  Those hernias can range in size and shape and often are complicated by previous mesh placement.  
  • Pain related to previous hernia repair – previous hernia surgeries can cause chronic pain. Another, more precise, surgery can help.  
  • Infected mesh – previous hernia surgeries can be complicated by infection, which may require another surgery.
  • Bowel fistula and complex hernia – people can develop a bowel fistula, or a hole in the bowel, from a surgery complication or another reason. Bowel fistulas that lead to a hernia require more complex surgical repair than a simple hernia. 

Why choose Luminis Health for hernia repair surgery?

The field of hernia surgery has seen rapid advancements in the past decade. At Luminis Health, our hernia experts don’t just treat hernias occasionally – they dedicate 100 percent of their clinical time to fixing abdominal wall issues. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Luminis Health:

  • Most of our hernia repairs are minimally invasive surgeries. The surgeon sends tools through a narrow opening in the skin and uses a tiny video camera to see inside the body. Compared to open surgery, you'll have little scarring and a fast recovery. There’s also less pain and less time needed in the hospital. Many patients go home the same day.
  • Our surgeons have expertise in robotic surgery, where a surgeon guides surgical instruments using a robotic arm. This allows for smaller and more precise movements. Thanks to this technology, we can now perform advanced and complex reconstructive techniques without the need for large, open incisions.
  • We are recognized by fellow doctors on an international level, and we are frequently asked to teach others about our techniques.
  • We have one of the most sought out abdominal wall repair (AWR) fellowships in the country for training other surgeons in advanced hernia repair techniques. This allows us to strive for a high level of excellence and offer advanced techniques that aren't available in other centers.  
  • Our team can perform mesh and non-mesh surgery. Surgical mesh supports the abdominal wall and reduces the chance the hernia will happen again. For small hernias in younger people, however, non-mesh surgery may be a better option. It can mean a faster recovery time with less pain.


The best surgery for you  

Our experts will carefully choose the best surgery for you, taking the time to explain the options. It's our goal to have you ready to take on the world again, as soon as possible. In fact, thanks to our advanced techniques, most of our patients can leave the hospital on the same day, or the day after their surgery.

Have questions about your hernia symptoms? Wondering if hernia surgery is right for you? Reach out today. 

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"Dr. Belyansky and his team performed a ventral hernia surgery on me. From the first visit to the surgery and recovery, he and his team were nothing short of exceptional!! I felt I was at a 5 star hotel during my hospital stay and he is a master in what he does! Thank you so much for everything! He and his team are amazing professionals!" - Kevin K

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