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A diabetes diagnosis can be life changing. Let's face it, living with diabetes takes work and a commitment to learn.

At Luminis Health, we give you the tools you need to control your diabetes, so it doesn't get in the way of your health or happiness. We empower you with knowledge and skills to live successfully with diabetes.

Why Luminis Health

Our diabetes team includes doctors, nurses, diabetes educators, registered dietitians, physical therapists, speech and language therapists and occupational therapists. We surround you just like a group of caring friends. We're there to problem solve with you, get you through the difficult times and cheer on your successes.

At Luminis Health, we provide the full range of care for children and adults with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, as well as any diabetes complications.

We're here to:

  • Educate you on how to live a healthy and full life with diabetes.
  • Monitor your condition so we can catch and treat any complications at an early stage.
  • Provide all the treatments you need, including medications, technology supports, physical therapy, nutrition counseling and more.

Diabetes Education & Resources

Our diabetes classes teach you everything you need to know about living with diabetes in an engaging and interactive way. (Don't believe our classes are fun? Come and see for yourself.)

We offer individual classes, for those who need tailored, one-on-one guidance. For example, if you've gotten a fancy new insulin pump, our educators can help you become an expert in it. Our individual classes focus can also help you understand your medications, help you create a personalized diet and exercise plan, and more. You bring your challenges or questions, and we bring the answers you need.

In our group classes, you'll not only learn about how to best take care of yourself. You'll also meet people who struggle with the same things you do and might just become your biggest supporters. Our group classes cover:

  • How diabetes affects your body.
  • What you need to know about diabetes medications.
  • How to monitor your glucose levels.
  • How to count carbohydrates and up your meal planning game.
  • The benefits of exercise for people with diabetes and how to exercise safely.
  • How to avoid diabetes complications, along with warning signs to watch.

Diabetes can take an emotional toll. You may find it stressful to count your carbs and watch your glucose monitor. You may worry about your future health. Our support groups are the place where you can unwind and unleash. Your peers help you with tips and tricks while providing a listening ear.


We offer in-person and virtual support groups two times a month. You'll leave with a new perspective, newfound strength and new friends, too.

Diabetes Monitoring

We monitor your disease with in-person appointments at convenient, close-to-home locations throughout Prince George's and Anne Arundel counties. We see you as often as you need. That means we follow you more closely at times when you're struggling with your health, so we can get you back on track faster.

We provide glucose and A1C testing in your in-person appointments. We also help you monitor your diabetes at home by providing continuous glucose monitoring technology and education.

We also test you for any diseases that could be contributing to your diabetes, including thyroid dysfunction. In addition, we offer various tests — including physical exams and blood tests — at various stages of your journey. This helps us catch and treat the earliest signs of complications so we can keep you healthy and active.

Diabetes Treatments

We provide a range of treatments for diabetes itself, as well as any symptoms or complications that may arise. We combine medication and non-medication treatments for the best results. We ensure any treatment plan best fits your medical and lifestyle needs.

Our medical treatments include:

  • Various medication options to keep your blood sugar low.
  • Insulin therapy, including state-of-the-art automated insulin pumps.
  • Medical and surgical options to treat any complications.

Our supportive treatments include:

  • Physical therapy to treat difficulty with moving, coordination, balance or pain. This includes in-office exercise instruction and a home exercise program built just for you.
  • Advanced technology to speed wound healing.
  • Occupational therapy to help you build a healthier lifestyle, one habit at a time.
  • Speech-language therapy to help with difficulty swallowing or speaking, as well as help improve attention, memory and problem-solving.
  • Guided weight loss therapy, including an easy-to-follow nutrition and exercise plan.
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