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Simulation and Training

The James and Sylvia Earl Simulation to Advance Innovation and Learning Center (SAIL) provides world-class simulation, training and practice using sophisticated life-like technology featuring high-fidelity mannequins that simulate real medical situations. Participants practice, prepare and analyze every aspect of the chain of patient care and treatment. By creating a sense of reality, they believe they are involved in an actual medical emergency. For example, models are so life-like that they react like humans when responding to virtual tests and treatments. They have simulated hearts, pulse, blood pressure, pupils that dilate, the ability to bleed and react to medications and show other human responses. These virtual scenarios can stress even the most seasoned medical experts and greatly enhances the learning experience. Participants repeat these procedures until the desired response becomes second nature.

These scenarios are conducted at multiple trainer stands with sophisticated, high-tech workstations. For example, surgeons can practice minimally invasive, laparoscopic and robotic skills development before performing new surgical approaches and procedures.

Participants include but are not limited to surgeons, residents, medical students, nurses, emergency medical technicians, military personnel, and allied health professionals. 

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