Community Health Needs Assessment

Working Together, Learning Together

How do we determine where to focus our community health efforts? The short answer: We listen.

Every three years, Luminis Health leaders work together with other local health care providers and community partners. We use health statistics, surveys and interviews with a diverse range community members and care providers in the communities we serve.

Then, we publish a Community Health Needs Assessment. It's a detailed report that highlights the barriers and gaps people face in seeking health care.

This report helps us stay accountable to the people we serve (including you!). It unites our staff and our partners in common goals. These goals include reducing disease rates, reaching more people who need support and improving care for all.

2019 Prince George's County Community Health Needs Assessment Report

LHDCMC Community Benefit Narrative Report 2019

2018 Anne Arundel County Community Health Needs Assessment Report

From Assessment to Action: Our Implementation Plans

Once we learn what the needs are, we work on an implementation plan. This lays out our goals for improving our health care services to better meet the changing needs of our communities. Of course, every good goal needs a timeline, and a way to measure progress, so we include that information, too.

2019-2021 LHDCMC Community Health Improvement Plan

2018 LHAAMC Community Benefit Report


Community Benefit by the Numbers

2018 LHAAMC Community Benefits by the Numbers