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Substance Use

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We offer compassionate, individualized care for individuals that need support with managing addiction and substance use. Luminis Health Pathways provides a complete support system for you and your loved ones. Our comprehensive program can help, even if you or your loved one has been in treatment before. We have all of the tools needed to help you overcome substance use disorder.

What Is Substance Use Disorder?

Whether you are dealing with alcohol or drug addiction, substance use isn't a character flaw or lack of willpower. It's a disease known as substance use disorder. Substance use changes your brain and your behavior. And, if you don't treat it — it can't get better.

At Pathways, we understand what you're going through. We know you're not in control. And we want to help you take that control back.

Substance use disorder treatment isn't just detox — the most intense form of treatment. It's help managing any use of alcohol or legal and illegal drugs that interferes with your life and damages your relationships. It can be a lonely place, but you're not alone.

We are your guiding light through the fog of dependency and addiction. One day at a time. One step at a time. Now and into the future.

The Region's Most Comprehensive Substance Use Treatment Center

At Pathways, we don't pass judgment. We treat you with compassion and care.

All the help you need, with the privacy you deservePathways is a central resource to help you recover. Our behavioral health campus is both secure and secluded, and we uphold the highest standards of privacy.

Specially trained professionals. Our counselors, nurses, doctors and physician assistants are specialists in treatment.

A place of refuge. Nestled in the woods, our serene campus helps you leave behind the stress of daily life. It offers:

  • Comfortable, two-person rooms with private bathrooms.

  • A patio for outdoor dining, gathering and self-reflection.

Ways to build resilience. Our adventure therapy course helps you build resilience. It helps you regain a sense of trust and control that you can carry out into the world.

Help as soon as you need it. At Luminis Health Pathways, we focus on getting you the help you need as soon as possible. We have a streamlined intake process to get you in a treatment program when you need it.

A continuum of care with seamless transitions. Pathways shares a campus with the J. Kent McNew Family Medical Center. At whatever point you enter our care, we provide care that meets your needs. You get the right treatment at the right time, which could include:

  • An inpatient program.

  • A partial hospitalization program.

  • An intensive outpatient program.

  • A continuing care outpatient program.

  • A traditional outpatient group.

  • A DWI/DUI education and treatment program.

Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

At Luminis Health Pathways, we see you as an individual.

There's no one-size-fits-all treatment for substance use disorder. Your experience with drugs or alcohol — and what led to this place in your life — is different from everyone else.

We use a 12-step-based approach for ongoing treatment and support. We'll provide you with the physical, emotional and social tools to light your path to a lasting recovery.

Sometimes your substance use stems from a mental health disorder. The substance use may be your way of coping. That's why we offer mental health assessment and treatment programs specifically designed for people with substance use disorders. We leave no stone unturned when helping to lift the burden of addiction from your shoulders.

Family Support and Resources

Often, family members can feel helpless. Luminis Health Pathways aims to restore trust and hope in family members.

Nearly all our treatment programs involve family members when possible. Family therapy helps mend rifts or emotional wounds commonly found with addiction.

We empower family members to take an active part in your recovery through various family programs and support:


Family sessions for inpatient programs

For those staying overnight at Pathways, you meet once with your family members and a counselor to discuss treatment and next steps. As patients share their recovery plan, family members learn new ways to support their loved ones. Families may schedule more sessions as needed and helpful for treatment.


Family wellness workshops

We offer a therapy-based education program for families. Family members of patients struggling with drug use, alcohol use, or both substance use and mental health challenges are welcome. Through group therapy, teaching sessions and chances for personal growth, families:

  • Learn about addiction, substance use and co-occurring mental health issues, as well as ways to prevent relapse.

  • Assess stages of recovery for family members.

  • Learn how to best communicate, cope and set boundaries.

  • Take part in adventure therapy to increase self-awareness and behavior changes important to the recovery process.

  • Develop supportive friendships with other families. 


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