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Spinal Conditions

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Luminis Health Physical Therapy uses treatments from manual therapy to a range of exercises for people with spinal conditions. We treat patients who need physical therapy for new conditions, chronic conditions and surgical recovery.

Physical Therapy for Spinal Conditions at Luminis Health

Our physical therapists help you strengthen the muscles that support your spine. We also help you avoid nerve pain and other nerve symptoms. We respond to your unique needs, goals and lifestyle. Our goal is to help you be the best you.

We're trained in several internationally renowned approaches, from the McKenzie Method to neural mobilization. We draw from a variety of evidence-based techniques, perfecting your program based on how you respond.

We increase your range of movement, increase your strength and stop your pain at the source. We work with you to find out your goals and help you achieve them.

Your physical therapist team helps guide you every step of the way through your rehab process and cheers on each new accomplishment!

Why Depend on Us for Spine Rehabilitation?

We're dedicated to getting you back on your feet as safely and quickly as possible from your back injury or spine surgery. You should choose us because:

  • We're part of one of Maryland's top spine surgery programs. That kind of volume gives us a wealth of experience guiding patients like you through recovery.
  • Our physical therapists specialize in spinal conditions. Helping people with a spinal condition achieve optimal results is our sole focus. Because of that narrow focus, our physical therapists are experts in all aspects of recovery, whether it's for a new injury, chronic condition or surgical recovery. For surgical recovery, we advise you on wound care, post-operative precautions and how to safely resume activity following surgery. No matter your condition , we customize a rehab program specifically for you. Altogether, this gives you the best chance of reaching your goals.
  • We'll work seamlessly with the rest of your care team. Our physical therapists stay in touch with your referring provider or your surgeon if you have spinal surgery. This ensures you get the most appropriate care during each stage of your recovery. If you have surgery, we can securely send photos of your incision to your surgeon through your electronic chart. We also work closely with the nurse navigator who coordinates your care. We know communication between patient and the entire care team is pivotal to ensure optimal recovery.
  • We have clinics in many locations. With clinics located throughout the area, you won't have to travel far for appointments.

Our Spine Education Class

We offer an educational class for patients with spine conditions, back pain and poor posture or body mechanics. In this class you learn about back structure, spinal conditions, and the importance of core strength, flexibility and balance exercises. You learn how to prevent injuries and self-management of spine pain. We teach you how you can be in charge of managing your spine for the long term.

  • Current Luminis Health Physical Therapy patients can sign up for the class at a PT visit. New patients should schedule a "spine consult PT evaluation" and then a follow-up PT visit for the spine education class.
  • This group meets once a month and is available at the Annapolis — Belcher Pavilion and Bowie North PT clinics.
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