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Pregnancy Complications

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How We Manage Pregnancy Complications at Luminis Health

Growing a whole other life is miraculous, but it's not easy. Pregnancy can stress the body and cause health problems. These health issues can sometimes pose risks to babies too.

At Luminis Health, we closely follow your health so we can respond to the earliest signs of complications. This way, we can keep you and your baby safe.

Common Pregnancy Complications

We offer remote monitoring, diet coaching, medications, education and advanced tests. If you're at risk of a complication, we surround you with experts in that area. These experts include maternal and fetal medicine specialists, certified diabetes educators and world-class OB-GYNs.

Here are some of the common pregnancy complications we watch for and treat.

Women may already suffer from high blood pressure before pregnancy or develop it during pregnancy. This puts them at higher risk of a stroke or heart attack.

We offer remote blood pressure monitoring. We also provide an easy guide to check your own blood pressure at home and know when to seek care.

Rule #1: you should never feel like you're bothering us!

Pregnancy hormones can mess with insulin, which helps you break down sugar. Too much sugar in your blood can affect your baby's growth and lead to issues like preterm birth.

Throughout your pregnancy, your Luminis Health provider watches for signs of diabetes. We also check your blood sugar levels. If you have gestational diabetes, our certified dietitian and diabetes educator help you control your blood sugar and cheer on your success. In more severe cases, our specialists can also treat gestational diabetes with medications.

Women at a higher risk of preterm birth may need medication and lifestyle changes to continue to full term. To assess your risk, your providers look for changes in your cervix and other signs. We also consider risk factors like past birth outcomes and family history.

Signs of preterm labor include mild cramping, vaginal bleeding, dull pain in the lower back and pressure in the abdomen. If you experience any of these signs, call your Luminis Health provider and come to Luminis Health Anne Arundel Medical Center's labor and delivery triage.

In preeclampsia, narrow blood vessels in the placenta increase blood pressure and impair kidney function. Signs of preeclampsia include headaches, vision changes, nausea, pain in the ribs and decreased urine.

Preeclampsia usually doesn't start until after the 20th week of pregnancy. If we suspect preeclampsia, we order extra blood, urine and ultrasound tests. You may need to deliver your baby early.

While preeclampsia is serious, your Luminis Health team knows exactly what to watch for and how to manage it. We've helped thousands of women deliver healthy babies and fully recover from preeclampsia

Any infection in pregnancy — from rubella to HIV to bacterial infections — can pose risks to a fetus, including miscarriage. By helping you avoid infections and treating them early, we keep your little one strong. Throughout your pregnancy, we look for early signs of infection with routine blood and urine tests.

We also provide education on how to reduce your risk of infections. For example, we help you avoid certain foods that are more likely to host harmful bacteria. And we offer vaccines to keep you and your baby safe.

Reducing Pregnancy Complications for Black Women

Evidence shows Black women have worse pregnancy birth outcomes than Caucasian women — from higher rates of preterm and cesarean births to increased heart problems.

We're not only alarmed and dismayed by these stats, we're taking action. We can view anonymous patient data by race to look at how and where we can improve our care. We also have a Counter Racism Task Force, where we discuss the health barriers facing Black women and how we can remove them. We hold routine anti-racism trainings for providers.

We also empower women through education and community. Studies show our Centering Pregnancy sessions reduce pregnancy complications. Above all, we listen to our patients' concerns and take them seriously.

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