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Outpatient Therapy for Substance Abuse

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What Is Outpatient Therapy for Substance Use?

We know staying sober and drug-free can take a lot of time and focus. So we've created programs designed to meet your needs. Programs that fit into your daily life.

Outpatient therapy helps you continue on your path to recovery from substance use. Our goal is to keep the light in you shining.

Why Trust Luminis Health with Your Outpatient Therapy?

Luminis Health Pathways has been at the forefront of treating substance use issues for more than 30 years. We make getting outpatient therapy convenient and easy for you. We do it with:

Nestled in the woods outside Annapolis, our Pathways serves as a tranquil and focused home base for both inpatient recovery and outpatient therapy.

At Pathways, we help you tackle alcohol and drug addiction. We also help you treat and manage mental health issues related to your substance use.

We offer three-hour sessions, three or four evenings or days each week. There's no set length. It's based on when you meet your personal treatment goals.

You can manage your recovery with a 90-minute session, one to three times each week, for as long as you want until you meet your personal goals.

Raise your hand if your substance use has negative consequences in your life. Group therapy can help you see more clearly and realize you're not alone. Sessions are 90 minutes, one evening a week. You'll tackle self-diagnosis, defense mechanisms, gaining a sober support network and preventing relapse. The program ends after 12 weeks or whenever you meet your personal treatment goals.

Substance use affects more than just you. Educational programs for adult family members help them help you.

Maybe your DWI/DUI was your wake-up call to acknowledging you have a substance use problem. Our DWI/DUI Education and Treatment Programs meet the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration's standards. Plus you'll learn how to identify your drinking-and-driving patterns so you can keep yourself and others safe.

What to Expect From Outpatient Therapy

Pathway's outpatient therapy serves as a guiding light for those who need it. Our top-notch behavioral health experts put caring for you first. We're with you every step of the way as you work to stay sober and drug-free.

We offer more help or less help — whenever you need it. If you need more help, you don't have to go anywhere. We can easily transition you to our inpatient program at Pathways.

If you start off in inpatient treatment at Pathways, our outpatient therapy follows the progress you made there. You work with doctors, therapists, counselors and nurses familiar to you — in a place that feels like home and welcomes those who love and support you.

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