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Learn About Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Luminis Health

Sometimes babies need extra medical care and round-the-clock supervision after they're born. They may be born early, have an infection or have a health condition. That's where our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) comes in.

We offer state-of-the art incubators to support our littlest babies' transition from the womb. Our Level III NICU experts provide advanced therapies that aren't available at many other NICUs. Should your baby need medical care after delivery, they won't have to travel far. Our NICU is right across the hall from our labor unit.

Our NICU babies have grown into amazing people, and we're so proud of each and every one.

A NICU Where Families Come First

We know how important it is for you to care for your baby and bond with them. All parents have 24/7 access to the NICU via your own security cards. Our NICU nurses train and support you in day-to-day care and feedings. After all, you'll be caring for your baby at home before you know it!

If you want to breastfeed, we offer lactation consultants both while you're in the hospital and at home. We provide pumps and a secure breast milk storage and tracking system. (We also have donated breast milk available for preterm babies.)

Our NICU offers comfortable rooms for visiting and fold-out beds if parents want to stay the night. After spending time with your baby's care team, you'll know and trust they have everything under control. And that's a good feeling when it's time to go home and get some rest.

You'll also be glad to know you can call your baby's nurse anytime to get an update on your little champion. Your nurse answers right away or calls you back within 10 minutes. In other words, when your baby is staying at the NICU, you'll never feel far away.

What to Expect

Meet Your NICU Team

Our diverse and well-coordinated NICU team is laser-focused on helping our tiniest patients thrive. Our NICU providers include:

These doctors and nurse practitioners are experts in caring for newborns. We diagnose and treat babies with any type of sickness or health condition. We also care for premature babies, giving them their best start.

These health professionals assess and support babies' lung function. If your child needs help with breathing, we work with the neonatologists to choose the best timing and type of therapy.

Your baby's occupational therapist checks their swallowing function and help them learn to drink from a bottle or breast.

These important members of our team guide your little one through movements every day, so they stay strong and nimble.

The superstars of our NICU team, our nurses administer medicines and feedings, keep babies clean and dry, and monitor babies' blood pressure and other signs. We also do a lot of cooing and cheering on, too!

The wait to take your baby home can be an emotional roller coaster. Your clinical social worker is there to help you navigate paperwork, answer your questions and offer support.

Key Information for Parents

  • Parents are welcome to visit the NICU day and night. Other family members and friends (up to three at a time) are welcome during visiting hours. We may have more restrictions, like test requirements, depending on the COVID-19 and flu situation. To check on the current rules, call 443-481-6962.

  • Want a quick update on your little love? You can call 443-481-6962 day or night to speak directly to the nurse who is looking after your baby.

  • We don't allow food in our NICU rooms for infection-control purposes. You can, however, bring beverages with lids, like a water bottle or coffee in a travel mug. We also have on-site cafeterias for when you need a bite or caffeine boost.

  • For parking, the visitor spots in Garage C are the closest to the NICU.