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Why Choose Luminis Health Midwives?

Luminis Health Midwives specialize in low-risk pregnancies and births. A team of highly experienced, board-certified midwives follows you throughout your pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

We monitor your health and make sure your baby is growing well. At the same time, we empower you with information about pregnancy, birth and newborn care. You can feel comfortable asking any question or sharing any concern you have. Your midwifery team is here to respond to your emotional, physical, and social needs.

Just like an OB-GYN, your midwife tracks your growth, listens to that lovely thumpity-thump of your baby's heart and connects you to any needed blood or ultrasound tests. Your prenatal appointments take place in a cozy, home-like clinic attached to our main hospital building.

When it's time for your birth, you will deliver in the Frank Family Birth Center inside of Luminis Health Anne Arundel Medical Center. 

Once you go home with your tiny love, Luminis Health midwives continue to support you — in your recovery in the weeks after your birth, as well as in feeding and caring for your baby.


The Best of Both Worlds

If you choose midwifery at Luminis Health, you have immediate access to advanced medical expertise and technology should you need it. If your pregnancy ever becomes high-risk, it's a seamless transition to an OB-GYN at Luminis Health.

Our Centering Pregnancy Approach

Whether you choose to have a midwife or OB-GYN, you can benefit from our Centering Pregnancy approach, designed by the national Centering Healthcare Institute. At no extra cost, you have access to 10 educational group sessions spread throughout your pregnancy journey. Each time, you meet with the same small group of pregnant people who are due around the same time as you. You'll feel the power of community, and you might even meet your lifelong mom friend!

At each Centering Pregnancy session, a midwife or nurse from our team shares information and facilitates a discussion on a different topic. The topics include nutrition in pregnancy, what to expect in labor, stress management, breastfeeding and more. You not only learn from our certified instructor — you'll also share wisdom with each other.

Our Centering Pregnancy meet-ups are complete with healthy refreshments. We schedule them when you're due for a growth check, which happens during the meeting. Convenience. Education. Health care. Mom friends. Snacks. We've thought of everything!

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