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Maternal Fetal Medicine
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Maternal and Fetal Medicine at Luminis Health

Our maternal and fetal medicine specialists are at your service, whenever you need more testing or support during your pregnancy. Whether you're concerned about an ultrasound result or managing diabetes, you can feel confident with our expertise and close watch.

Our maternal and fetal medicine specialists work together with your OB-GYN to make sure you have the best information and care. You might need our maternal and fetal medicine team for a one-time test or for monitoring throughout your pregnancy. Regardless, you'll be glad to know this team of advanced experts is there for you.

What to Expect

Our expert genetics team can test one or both parents to see if they carry genetic conditions. The team can also test the fetus for genetic conditions. This information can help parents make important family planning and treatment decisions.


You may want genetic testing if:

  • You have a family history of certain conditions.

  • You received an abnormal blood or ultrasound screening test result.

  • You're of advanced maternal age.


Our maternal-fetal medicine team takes an approach that's tailored to you. They choose the tests based on your specific concerns and risk factors and provide clear explanations. Our team members are sensitive to your concerns and offer emotional support throughout the process.

If your OB-GYN has a concern, due to a routine test or ultrasound, they'll refer you to maternal and fetal medicine for advanced ultrasounds or blood tests. You might also opt for an extra test if you have concerns due to an issue with a previous birth, age or any reason.


We get that any test can bring anxiety. Rest assured most patients find the process rules out worrying conditions and brings them peace of mind.

If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity or another health condition, you'll be glad to have our maternal and fetal medicine team in your corner. We follow you closely, with additional check-ups, tests and even remote monitoring, if needed. Our goal? To give you a positive and healthy pregnancy experience.


Our maternal and fetal medicine team includes certified diabetes educators and registered dietitians. We help you with a nutrition and exercise plan to help you stay on top of your health. We also cater our advice to your stage in pregnancy — whether you're in your first trimester or third — and your specific health indicators. If you have any concerns or just need some extra support, you can reach out to your health champions at any time.

Life can get complicated sometimes. So can pregnancy. Pregnancy conditions include gestational diabetes, preterm labor, preeclampsia (abnormal blood flow to the placenta) and many other potential complications. We successfully manage hundreds of high-risk pregnancies every year, with healthy, happy babies to show for it.


Your OB-GYN reaches out to the maternal and fetal medicine team if there's ever a concern with your pregnancy. We provide extra testing, treatments, or recommend an earlier or caesarean birth to keep you and your baby safe. By catching warning signs early, your team aims to control any pregnancy complication before it can pose a danger to you or your baby.