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Inpatient Therapy for Substance Use

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What Is Inpatient Therapy for Substance Use?

Take the first step to recovery

Substance use disorder can keep you locked in a world you no longer recognize. It can rob you of your ability to make positive decisions. It can affect the relationships you have with those you love.

No one ever plans to become addicted. But recovering from addiction requires a solid plan — and a safe place and space where you can learn to trust yourself again.

Luminis Health Pathways provides that safe harbor for you or someone you love who is anchored to addiction. With inpatient therapy, you get focused care to help you break the chain of addiction and start on your journey to recovery. It's intensive 24/7 care and medically supervised detoxification.

Inpatient therapy is your first step toward your new, brighter tomorrow.

Why Trust Luminis Health with Your Inpatient Therapy?

Pathways has been at the forefront of substance use recovery for adults for more than 30 years. We treat you with compassionate care. Pathways can help light your path to a healthier, more stable you with.

  • A center dedicated to recovery. Pathways is in a serene, wooded area outside Annapolis. It's a place of calm, peace and quiet reflection, for both you and those who support you.

  • A holistic approach to care. We help you tackle alcoholism and drug addiction. We also help you treat and manage mental health issues related to your substance use. And we'll give you the tools for a life of wellness, focusing on exercise, resilience and nutrition.

  • Specialized experts. You'll be in the best hands — of people trained specifically in substance use disorder.

  • Adventure therapyWant to learn resilience, gain self-esteem and self-confidence, and work on interpersonal skills? Our on-campus ropes course features more than 20 high and low activities. Obstacles such as a 45-foot climbing tower and a 12-foot climbing wall increase your self-awareness. The course helps you tap into inner strength and behavior changes critical to the healing process.

What to Expect From Inpatient Treatment

Pathways residential treatment focuses on getting you well, no matter what it takes. Our top-notch mental health and substance use experts put caring for you first.

Your addiction story is different from anyone else's. That's why you'll get customized care — from a personal treatment team that includes registered nurses, addiction counselors, licensed social workers and mental health clinicians.

Your personal team tailors your treatment plan to your unique needs and challenges. There's no set time frame for recovery. You take whatever time you need to get well.

Our inpatient treatment also includes:

  • Group counseling

  • Addiction and recovery education

  • 12-step group meetings

  • Family education

  • Spirituality groups

  • Aftercare planning


Continuing your care

Recovery doesn't end when your inpatient stay is over. We don't expect you to navigate your post-recovery world on your own. We're with you every step of the way as you work to stay sober and drug-free.

Our program provides what you'll need for the next stage of your recovery. This includes enrolling in our outpatient therapy program. It follows the progress you made in our inpatient program. Outpatient therapy is in the same place, with the same people who helped you become you again.

You and your Pathways team work together to make the best decisions for you and your long-term recovery.

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