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Flu Immunization
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At Luminis Health, your health matters to us every season of the year. The best way to stay healthy during flu season is by getting vaccinated annually. Read our frequently asked questions to learn how to protect yourself and others against the flu. 

Seasonal influenza vaccines (flu shots) are now available.  Our Luminis Health Primary Care offices have two vaccines available: One for ages six months to 64 years and one for persons 65 and up. 

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We've got answers to your questions about the flu shot

This vaccine can prevent serious illness from occurring from the influenza virus.  

It is a serious viral infection from the influenza virus. Infection can result in high fever and significant illness sometimes resulting in hospitalization and death. 

If you are pregnant or over 65 you are at an increased risk for severe illness. 

Additionally, many medical conditions increase your risk of severe illness  

If you are immunocompromised, are a smoker, or have conditions such as diabetes, cancer, or lung disease your risk is increased.

Yes, even otherwise healthy patients can miss up to a week of work if they contract the flu. 

Additionally, getting vaccinated can decrease your chance of spreading influenza to your neighbors, friends, family, and colleagues at work. 

No. The vaccine cannot give you the flu, you may experience some mild symptoms as your immune system responds to the vaccine. 

Yes.  The vaccine cannot give you the flu. It does take 14 days for your body to mount a full response to the flu vaccine.  So you may get sick from community exposure in that timeframe.  

The influenza virus is always changing.  Each year offers a chance to protect you from the new and current circulating strains of the virus.  

Quadrivalent refers to the vaccine protecting you against four different strains of the influenza virus. 

Yes.  Vaccines will significantly reduce your chance of serious illness and hospitalization, but you can still get the flu. We usually observe much milder illness in vaccinated persons.   

The most ideal time to get the flu shot is in the fall.  Mid- September through October.   You can however get vaccinated from August through March each year. 

Fortunately it is available everywhere.  You can get vaccinated at your health care provider’s office, at the pharmacy, at work, or through the health department or other community sites. 

Yes, other vaccines such as the pneumonia vaccine or COVID vaccine can be given at the same time- usually one in each arm.  

You can be vaccinated for the flu.  Egg free vaccines are available.  Flucelvax Quadrivalent (available at our Luminis Health Primary Care Clinics) and Flublok Quadrivalent are both egg free vaccines.  

If you have a history of severe reaction or allergy to the components of the influenza, vaccine the vaccine should not be given. Your health care provider can further advise you on this.  

Your health care providers are here to assist you with any questions you may have.