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Fertility-sparing Surgery

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Preserving Fertility When Treating Cancer

Many women confronting cancer face anxiety beyond what their diagnosis means for their own health. If a woman plans to start or grow her family, she worries about what her cancer means for that big, important life plan.

Depending on the type of cancer and where it's located, cancer treatments can impact long-term fertility. These include radiation, chemotherapy, and surgeries. But there are many ways to adjust cancer treatments in ways that preserve fertility and support women's family goals.

Our Team Is Here for You

At Luminis Health, we take your concerns about fertility as seriously as you. We take the time to discuss your desire to have biological children and your options following your cancer diagnosis.

Your treatment will include cancer and fertility specialists, nurses, clinical social workers, and more. We hold your hand and guide you through each step of your journey — toward health and your exciting future.

Cancer Treatment Options to Preserve Fertility

Many of our patients feel relief when they hear there are cancer treatment options to preserve their fertility. This can include:

  • Choosing one effective form of cancer treatment over another with the goal of reducing or eliminating harm to fertility.

  • Surgically removing only the cancerous part of a reproductive organ so women can safely pursue pregnancy in the future.

  • Moving the ovaries out of the way of radiation treatment to avoid long-term damage. (This is also called ovarian transposition surgery).

  • Freezing your eggs or embryos for future baby-making through our partnership with Shady Grove Fertility.

We discuss all treatment options in detail, including their benefits, side effects, and fertility implications. We provide as much information, counseling and time as you need to help you make the decision that's best for you. Above all, we put your hopes and preferences at the center of your treatment plan.

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