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We treat cancer in three ways — with surgery, radiation and medicine. Chemotherapy uses medicine to fight cancer.

What Is Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is a form of treatment for cancer that uses drugs to kill cancer cells. Other types of cancer treatment are hormone therapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy.

In standard chemotherapy, cancer medicine travels throughout your entire body, killing cancer cells that have spread to multiple organs.

But different kinds of drugs work in different ways. Depending what kind of cancer you have and how much it's spread, another type of medicine might be better for you than traditional chemotherapy.

Why Choose Luminis Health for Chemotherapy?

Facing cancer treatment can be tough. But we are right by your side with expert, compassionate care. We offer:

  • The expertise you need. We're certified by the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI), which recognizes the delivery of high-quality care to patients. Plus, our nurses are Oncology Certified Nurses, a certification that signifies their specialized knowledge in caring for cancer patients.
  • Infusion therapy in a peaceful, private setting. Our Infusion Center is a quiet place to receive chemo, hormone therapy and other treatments. We offer individual bays for your treatment, and you'll go home the same day.
  • A team approach. You won't see just one doctor for your chemo. Your team consists of other cancer specialists, including radiologists, surgeons, nurses and pharmacists.
  • Cancer support services to help your well-being. Cancer is a major life event. If you or a loved one has cancer, we're here to help you every step of the way. We offer many different services and resources designed to fit your needs and give you a better, more comfortable experience.
  • Therapy for “chemo brain." Some people have problems with memory and/or concentration during and after cancer treatments. If you're experiencing this mental fog, you can meet with one of our speech-language pathologists. You'll learn brain-sharpening exercises.

Different Types of Cancer Treatment

What works for one type of cancer may not work for another. That's why we offer a range of medical treatments, including:

  • Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a treatment that uses powerful drugs to kill cancer cells. This treatment is usually given by infusion or injection, but in some cases it's taken as a pill or rubbed on your skin. We use chemotherapy to cure cancer, prolong life or reduce symptoms.
  • Immunotherapy. This type of therapy boosts or trains the natural defenses of your immune system to fight diseases including cancer.
  • Targeted therapy. Target drugs focus on how cancer cells grow, divide and spread. This treatment works for some breast, colorectal and lung cancers. For the most part, targeted therapy medications don't affect healthy cells.
  • Hormone therapy. Some cancers, like breast and prostate cancers, need hormones to grow. Treatments that block or change hormones can sometimes slow or stop cancer growth.

Your cancer care team may combine some of these treatments. It's possible that you'll have some form of surgery or radiation, too.

What You Need to Know About Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy drugs have been used for cancer treatment since the 1950s, but advances continue. Our doctors may use:

  • A combination of chemotherapy medicines to more effectively stop or slow tumor growth.
  • Chemotherapy in combination with surgery and radiation for the most effective results.
  • Drugs that specifically target the cancer cells.
  • Drugs that reduce side effects of chemotherapy, like nausea and vomiting.
  • Different ways to give you medicine, depending on your specific needs. You may receive chemotherapy medication by IV, pill, liquid or on your skin.
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