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Cardiac Rehab

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Recovering from a serious heart condition isn't easy. But our cardiac rehabilitation program can help. Our team of experts educates, inspires and supports you so you can take care of your heart and live a heart-healthy life.

What Is Cardiac Rehab?

Our cardiac rehab program is an outpatient support program for heart patients. It's designed to improve your physical and emotional health, fitness and quality of life.

Under the direction of our medical directors, nurses and exercise physiologists, we help you safely increase your strength and fitness. We all work together to educate and support you in a new heart-healthy lifestyle.

Just as important, cardiac rehab members get support from each other. You'll meet people facing similar challenges when you join our cardiac rehab program. Each member learns from and supports one another.

Why Trust Luminis Health With Your Cardiac Rehab?

Keeping your heart healthy is our priority. From life-saving treatment to preventive heart care, Luminis Health is a beacon of hope and healing for our communities.

We're known for:

The American College of Cardiology recognizes Luminis Health for its commitment to hospital care for heart patients. We're one of 212 hospitals in the nation to receive the Platinum Performance Achievement Award for chest pain and heart attack care. And we appear on the 2022 U.S. News & World Report list of “Best Hospitals."

The American Heart Association's Mission: Lifeline® program awarded Luminis Health for outstanding performance and care when treating heart attack patients. We are one of only 25% of hospitals in the nation qualified to perform emergency cardiac catheterization.

The Maryland Institute of Emergency Medicine Services Systems designates Luminis Health a Certified Intervention Center for emergency heart attack care. This means we're the area's preferred hospital for heart attack treatment. If you call 911 for a heart attack, we provide life-saving angioplasty within 90 minutes. We exceed Maryland state standards for this care.

Our Zazulia Heart and Vascular Center has an inpatient unit specifically for people with heart conditions. It features cardiac catheterization labs, a critical care unit and a cardiac rehab center.

The heart disease rate in the counties we serve is high, but we're working hard to change it. We have more screenings and heart-healthy prevention programs in more locations than ever before.

What to Expect From Cardiac Rehab

Talk with your doctor to see if cardiac rehab is right for you. Before starting rehab, you need a referral. Once you enroll, we guide you through our program. You receive:

  • A review of your health history.

  • A customized rehabilitation program designed just for you.

  • A medically supervised exercise plan.

  • Monthly nutritional classes.

  • Support from others facing similar challenges.

  • An exercise program to continue after you finish rehab.

What to know about medically supervised exercise sessions

Our cardiac rehab program features exercise physiologists who specialize in clinical exercise. You attend exercise sessions with us three times per week, in addition to monthly learning sessions.

During the exercise sessions, our team monitors:

  • How your heart is working during exercise.

  • Any symptoms you're experiencing.

  • Your fitness level.

We track your progress throughout and share it with your doctor. Once you finish the program, you can continue attending maintenance exercise classes with our advanced cardiac life support staff. We offer these sessions several times a week to fit your schedule and help you maintain your progress.