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Cardiac Imaging: Echocardiogram

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Cardiac imaging tests allow your doctor to get a clear picture of your heart and blood vessels. This allows us to see how your heart is working.

Our heart specialists use the most advanced cardiac imaging technology to monitor, diagnose, and treat you. Here's an overview of a common cardiac imaging test.


Often called an echo, this test uses sound waves to create live pictures of your heart. Your doctor can see the size and shape of your heart, plus how blood pumps through the valves and chambers.

Who gets an echocardiogram?

An echo helps diagnose or monitor problems with your heart or heart valves and checks their severity.

What to Expect?

An echo is painless and there's usually no preparation on your part. We apply gel to your chest to help sound waves reach your heart. We move a transducer (wand-like device) around on your chest.

The transducer connects to a computer that transmits ultrasound waves into your chest, and the waves bounce or echo back. The computer converts the echoes into pictures of your heart.

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