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Wellness Resources

Our Top Tips for Living a Healthy and Happy Life

Your health is influenced by the dozens of decisions you make each day — day after day, week after week. Choices like cooking at home instead of ordering pizza, going for a walk on a sunny day and hitting the sack a little earlier.

Ready to make your health a priority? Here are our top tips to prevent disease, increase your energy, and feel better.

Check in with Your Family Doctor

Even if you feel healthy, you should see your primary care doctor at least once a year. By monitoring your health over time, your primary care doctor notices early signs of problems. We can help you prevent diseases, like diabetes or heart disease, before they start.

If you don't have a primary care provider, you can find one here.

Quit Smoking

If you're thinking it's too late for you to quit, think again! According to the Centers for Disease Control, once you've stopped smoking for three to six years, your added risk of coronary heart disease drops by half. And by the time you've gone five to ten years without smoking, your added risk for many cancers also halves. You'll also have seriously reduced your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Ready to add years to your life? Call Maryland's hotline, 1-800-QUIT-NOW, or check out resources at Learn how Luminis Health can help you take the first step, call 443-481-5366. Because it's always easier to do hard things when you have friends around you!

Keep up to Date on Routine Cancer Screenings

Routine cancer screenings let your doctor catch cancers at an early stage when they're easiest to treat. Some screenings even catch precancers, letting you remove cells before they turn into cancers. Pretty amazing, right?

At Luminis Health, we offer cervical, breast, colon and lung cancer screening, based on age and risk factors. We also offer low-cost and free screenings for those who need them. Check with your doctor about which cancer screenings you should receive.

Get Outside

Getting outside has benefits for your mental and physical health. Sunlight, fresh air and a stroll among the trees can boost your mood. Plus, if you're outside cycling, walking or jogging, you're also getting major heart health benefits.

Boost Your Immune System with Vaccines

You might hit the gym to work out your muscles, but your immune system needs training too. Vaccines help your immune system recognize and attack dangerous viruses in case you're exposed in the future.

Your primary care doctor can check to see if you're up to date on your recommended vaccines. Luminis Health offers flu and COVID vaccine clinics with partner community organizations, schools, residences and faith-based groups. Check out our calendar to find out about vaccine clinics near you.

Get Enough Sleep

Poor sleep doesn't just make you grumpy. People who consistently don't get enough sleep have a higher risk of chronic diseases, including diabetes, obesity, heart disease and depression.

To improve your sleep, aim to go to bed at the same time every night and avoid screens two hours before bed. Limiting caffeine in the afternoon, reducing alcohol and getting exercise in the day can also help you sleep more soundly.

And Yes, Eat Your Veggies

Improving your diet doesn't have to be complicated. It simply means upping the veggies, fruits and lean protein in your diet — all while reducing fried foods, processed foods and sweets.

Once you open your horizons to new recipes and seasonings, you'll discover healthy meals are both flavorful and satisfying. Move over boring meatloaf, hello grilled salmon with mango salsa and greens! Learn more about our nutrition services.

Overwhelmed? Take It One Day at a Time

woman meditating on a patio outdoorsChanging your daily health habits can feel daunting. But you don't have to change everything at once. Instead, focus on a change you can make today — like quitting smoking or getting outside every day. Then, you can add on other lifestyle changes when you're ready.

Talk to your friends and family about your goals so they can support you. And remember, your Luminis Health providers are here to help, and we're cheering you on, too!

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